Stage costumes designs

Juli Garden is not only dancewear you can use on classes and rehersals. We can also offer you designs of stage costumes!

We are ready to cooperate! If you need to design and make costumes for any type of performances let us know.

You can contact directly to our main designer Julia Sadowska by email, Facebook, Instagram or phonecheck it in Contact

Here in Gallery you can watch photos from performances where costumes were prepared by Juli Garden/Julia Sadowska :

1. “Faustus”, Teatr Wielki w Łodzi

Faustus izaFaustus KatiaFaustus lauraFaustus wsieFaustus wszyscy

2. “Lady Makbet” Olga Sawicka International Dance Fesiwal in Lądek-Zdrój

Lady makbet (3)Lady makbet (2)Lady makbet6Lady makbetLady Makbet 7lady makbet 5Lady makbet 4Lady makbet 3