New set available. Lana.

Hello Dear Clients,

I’m Julia, the owner and designer of Juli Garden. I hope you are here because you like my products and exactly like me you hope to get more, new, original, comfortable and beautiful designs. Honestly, almost all my free time I’m thinking about desings… But the amount of my free time is a bit limited due to work ( I’m a soloist in Grand Theatre in Łodz , Poland) and I’m a mother of two girls! And now… I’m pregnant for the third time in my life ! So, you can imagine..

Well, coming back to the subject, I want shortly present you my new product. The set  “Lana”consisting of top and shorts. First were shorts…

As a dancer I always dreamed about nice shorts, helping me cover the thickest part of my tie and making my legs look a bit longer and slimmer. I weas also looking for a cut and fabrics which will never limit my movement. That’s how the shorts came about. I’m really happy with their shape and I reccomend them for 100 % !

Then I wanted to create a blouse whose line would match with shorts. Check please the photos and decide by yourself if you find the both elements fitting eachother. I’m very curious of your opinion! Let me know please. The easiest way of comunication for me is a messenger but you can use any other, go to Contact category in that purpose.

Me, personally, after creating a set I realised that I find shorts looking great with both kind of tops available in our line! Are you curious what is the second type of our tops? I will present them in the next post. Stay tuned !

Thank you for reading and for being our precious clients ! You know that without you it wouldn’t be worth ?

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Model Anna Kusz-Snuszka is 170cm height, me, I’m much shorter (162cm) but I feel as great as her in Lana Set. It really fits for every(ballet)body ! Check it out ! Aaaaayy, I forgot to say that I’m wearing it also now when Im pregnant 6-7 month) and I still find in comfy !


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